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Red And White Gold

red and white gold

    white gold
  • A silver-colored alloy of gold with nickel, platinum, or another metal

  • a pale alloy of gold usually with platinum or nickel or palladium

  • White Gold (Белое золото) is a 2003 Russian action film directed by Viktor Ivanov from a screenplay by John Jopson and Viktor Ivanov.

  • While pure gold is yellow in color, colored gold can be developed into various colors. These colors are generally obtained by alloying gold with other elements in various proportions.

  • (of a person or their face or complexion) Flushed or rosy, esp. with embarrassment, anger, or a healthy glow

  • a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows eastward from Texas along the southern boundary of Oklahoma and through Louisiana

  • crimson: characterized by violence or bloodshed; "writes of crimson deeds and barbaric days"- Andrea Parke; "fann'd by Conquest's crimson wing"- Thomas Gray; "convulsed with red rage"- Hudson Strode

  • red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood

  • Of a color at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies

  • (of a person's eyes) Bloodshot or having pink rims, esp. with tiredness or crying

red and white gold - Red, White

Red, White and Gold: Our Government for Sale

Red, White and Gold: Our Government for Sale

The character Jim Dugan is 33 years old and buying a large home in Tubac Arizona about forty miles south of Tucson and close to the Mexican border. During this time he meets and falls in love with a young Artiest from the University of Arizona. The FBI has always viewed Jim as a high end criminal but has never caught him at anything illegal. Jim in this story stumbles across a huge conspiracy of criminals stealing billions of dollars to use in the purchase the election of not only the Congress of our country but also the Presidency.

The characters and the path they take through the novel is what has brought the most joy to it's readers.

I hope you also enjoy Red while and gold.

75% (9)

A Heart To Serve

A Heart To Serve

After 20+ tries at it, I think this is one of the best few shots =) Our youth fellowship's 9th anniversary souvenir, based on the theme "a heart to serve" spoons were chosen to represent the theme... =)
In the process, I've learnt how to pain cute little red hearts... (thanks to the 2 very patient art teachers... heh.)

Cleopatra Necklace

Cleopatra Necklace

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Beautiful and unique necklace featuring a stunning mosaic pendant in the color of pearl white and dark red. Each glass piece measures approximately 2 mm.
The necklace is made of 3 strands of 14 kt gold fill chain, faceted garnet beads and 10 mm pearls, completed by a filigree clasp.

red and white gold

red and white gold

Red, White, and Gold: Canada at the World Junior Championships 1974-1999

The first ever in-depth analysis of Canada’s hockey teams at the World Junior Championships, it traces teams’ participation from the early years when the tournament was an invitational (1974?76), through the first official years when players such as Wayne Gretzky, Dino Ciccarelli, and Mike Gartner played for Canada, to the recent years of Paul Kariya, Eric Lindros, and Jason Allison. The book examines the World Juniors chronologically, year by year, including a preview chapter to the 1999 championships in Winnipeg. It provides the most comprehensive anecdotal, factual, and statistical information ever compiled for the world’s most prestigious junior tournament. In addition, each chapter is accompanied by rarely seen and never-before published photographs. It also includes a guide and record book for the World Juniors, information about all 386 players who have represented Canada over the years, and every team and individual record imaginable. Red, White, and Gold is an officially licensed product of both Canadian Hockey and the International Ice Hockey Federation.

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