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Sell Gold American Eagle

sell gold american eagle

    american eagle
  • bald eagle: a large eagle of North America that has a white head and dark wings and body

  • American Eagle Outfitters is an retailer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1977 by Mark and Jerry Silverman as a subsidiary of Retail Ventures, Inc., a company which also owned and operated Silverman's Menswear. The Silvermans sold their ownership interests in 1991.http://www.

  • American Eagle Airlines is a brand name used by American Eagle Airlines, Inc. (formerly Simmons Airlines), based in Fort Worth, Texas, and Executive Airlines based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the operation of passenger air service as regional affiliates of American Airlines.

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Peirce Mansion 1890 Sioux City

Peirce Mansion 1890 Sioux City

Notice of Inventory Completion for Native American Human Remains
and Associated Funerary Objects in the Control of the Sioux City Public
Museum, Sioux City, IA (more of this at bottom)
help with info. A long time ago I seen on the internet that the architect Charles P. Brown who was contracted to design the Peirce mansion was sent to the Insane Asylum in Salt Lake City but before that happened his Business Partner committed suicide. Can anyone else find that article. Please look at the picture in the John Peirce mansion (set) of the fireplace mantle and please read what I have wrote about it Thank you.

A Romanesque-style mansion in Sioux City, Iowa. Built by the mega rich John Peirce in 1890, only a few years later the panic of 1893 hit and the party was over. With his millions gone he had to come up with an idea of how to get his millions back, so the years went by one after another, failed idea's, failed gold hunts in the Black Hills, nothing worked like before. He once said it was a "nightmare" By 1900 things were getting crazy for the Peirce family who loved money and were flamboyant, then John said "I have another idea" and it worked, it was a lottery the prize his mansion, the cost 1 dollar a ticket , the catch, you could never win and you gave your money to enrich the greedy notorious wheeler-dealer John Peirce, it was a big show, a big party everyone was talking about it everyone nation wide "win a beautiful mansion solve your money problems only a $1 a chance" Everyone was really getting pumped (both ways) In December 1900, the show was about to start, the place The Grand Opera House in Sioux City, the date December 24, 1900. everyone was crazed with wanting the mansion and john sold every ticket he had. Somehow the party was canceled at the last minute, and you know what I bet he had the most wonderful Christmas he every had, rolling around in all that money (I know I would). Jan 1901, the next show was at the Union passenger depot and Bert M. Mills from Vinton, Iowa won, then they turned around and said "OOOOO NO you can't have that mansion" in the end millionaire William Barbour from New York got the mansion, years later it was seen in the mansions abstract title that William Barbour got the title transferred to him on December 17, 1900, nineteen days before Barbour was known to hold the "winning ticket". So John gave his house to a man he owed money to, took the money from the people he bilked it out of and left town never to be seen again.On February 12, 1901, Peirce and his family left Sioux City for Seattle. It was at that time that Peirce delivered his bittersweet "Farewell to Sioux City".

Farewell to Sioux City

Goodbye, Sioux City, perhaps for aye. You are at once the birthplace of all my ambitions and the graveyard of all my hopes.

After dedicating thirty years of my best strength to your development, you are not a city but a town, with an interesting past, an uneventful present, and a peaceful and conservative future.

No devotion of mine could prevent the calamity which spread your broken idols all around, and unrelenting fate still holds the ruins in her embrace. No period of prosperity can lend new animation to your fettered limbs, for commerce has her lines not laid within your favored zone.

Yet, old girl, there burns within my bosom that youthful first love that knows no death, and my hope is that, while you lie bound Prometheus-like, no vultures will further pluck your vitals.

Goodbye, goodbye. little did they know he was the one doing the plucking. moved to Seattle to a beautiful large Victorian house, his son also had a large victorian of his own. John and his wife left on a long-planned trip to Europe, the Peirces traveled through France, the Holy Land, and India, it sure was a party again And they lived happily ever after....o ya until he got sick and died a nasty death of cancer which had developed in his chest from an old civil war wound and died June 14, 1910.

Colonel William L. Barbour was also a very very rich man, president of the Linen Thread Company and many others. He had mansions in New York, New Jersey and other states, one of his mansion was designed by the famed architect Stanford White who was murdered at a party in New York by millionaire Harry Kendall Thaw, Mr Thaw was addicted to morphine, heroin, cocaine, f laudanum and was know to carry a silver case full of syringes and other parts of a large "outfit" of injecting equipment. The rage and anger was over his wife Evelyn Nesbit (a beautiful teenage model and one of the most in-demand artists' models in New York) having lost her Virginity to Stanford White and having a crazy house with a swing in it so he could push young girls and a room of mirrors (the Peirce mansion also had a room of mirrors in it) Evelyn Nesbit had also dated John Barrymore of the famous Barrymore family. Anyway, On March



This was a bit of serendipity. I had eyed this sweater back when they were sold in American Eagle Outfitter stores, but I'm a bargain hunter and so I wasn't willing to pay full price for it. This past weekend while quickly going through the racks at Goodwill in search of cardigans, I found the exact sweater I had wanted all those many months ago--in pink (I LOVE pink) and my size and perfect condition for $3.

Pink sweater - American Eagle (Goodwill)
Brown and white button shirt - JCPenney
Jeans - American Eagle
Bronze flats - JCPenney
Silver and gold chain necklace - Belk
Handbag - Guess (Ross)

sell gold american eagle

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